Each year, CAISA Fashion Show has committed its efforts to raising funds for various charitable organizations.
In the past, CAISA Fashion Show has sponsored the Canadian Red Cross, Children’s Aid Society of London and Middlesex, and Romania Project and now, the Children's Health Foundation.

For the past sixteen years, CAISA Fashion Show has had the opportunity to sponsor the Children’s Health Foundation (CHF), a non-profit organization based in London, Ontario that supports the Children’s Hospital in the city. Our past shows have helped to raise over $265,000 for CHF, of which went to many areas within the foundation. Our contributions have led to many positive outcomes, from Personalized Medicine Research for children to Brain Trauma Research and most recently, Stem Cell Research.

Year Event Funding Raised / Area Funded
2017 Espial $35,000 for Stem Cell Research
2016 Paragon $30,000 for Personalized Medicine Research
2015 Vivify $30,000 for Brain Trauma Research
2014 Arcadia $30,000 for Neonatal Intensive Care
2013 Prestige $25,000 for Opportunities to Participate
2012 Impulse $20,000 for Palliative Care
2011 Allure $15,000 for Epigenetic Research

For more details about the Children’s Health Foundation check out their website: